Clovis Veterans Memorial District

Globe Memorial

At the corner of 4th and Hughes Streets in Clovis is a large metal globe, displaying all the continents of our planet.

Statue Memorial

The statues of five figures stand in a semi-circle around the boots, rifle, and helmet of a fallen comrade.

Pinedale Assembly Center

The Remembrance Plaza of the Pinedale Assembly Center was dedicated in February 2009.

Garden of Honor

The Veterans' Garden of Honor was established as part of the district’s 2006-2008 reconstruction.

Trust In Me, My Friend

Military dogs have saved over 10,000 lives since World War II. To honor our K-9 Heroes the statue "Trust In My, My Friend" was created.

  • Globe Memorial

  • Statue Memorial

  • Pinedale Assembly Center

  • Garden of Honor

  • Trust In Me, My Friend


Clovis Veterans Memorial District- Veterans Day 2012

CVMD 2012 Memorial Day Celebration

Veterans Day Art Competition - 2012

Our Veterans

Bill Begley

Wild Bill's War Story

By Bill Begley

I was born on September 21, 1921 in Hyden, Kentucky and was raised primarily by an aunt who encouraged me to graduate from high school, which I did in 1940. At that time, I attempted coal mining, but gave up that idea when a mine I was working in collapsed, and I narrowly escaped.


Calendar of Events

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Clovis Veterans Memorial District Board Meetings